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OUTTHINK is a column developed by Global Gap Limited (GGL). The purpose of OUTTHINK is to provide a Resource for both Corporates and Individuals who want to be ahead of the competition. We bring you insights, analyses, ideas, and best-in-the-industry case studies of practices in the workplace. You will find the content in this column very useful as you endeavor to lift the performance of your people. For individual employees, this will assist you deliver exceptional results that make a real contribution to your organization’s bottom line. The column’s greatest strengths is that your writers have a combined experience gained from major public, private and academic organizations. You should find OUTTHINK!a helpful resource, serving to enhance your decision-making models from day to day. It will enhance careers and provide Company Executives with Management practices to take them to the FUTURE. We believe that the time you invest reading this weekly column will bring you a high ROI. This content has been carefully crafted to be a real take-home so that you find it areas of immediate application in your particular work environment. On our part, may we ask you to share with us your thoughts on the articles that we will be posting here from time to time? Your perspectives and critiques will enable us to serve you better and enhance your readership experience. Welcome and have a pleasant reading!

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