What is in a walk?

In this article I want to amuse you as we learn.
Have you ever thought about the way you walk and what it may mean. Do you sometimes watch yourself when walking next to full mirrors on buildings with glass walls? Do you like what you see? Do you observe the way other people in front of you are walking? Do you recollect a walk by somebody that made you pause and think about it? Has anybody ever commented to you about the way you walk?

Let us briefly define walking. The dictionary defines it as—“Walking also known as ambulation is one of the gaits of locomotion among legged animals. It is defined by an inverted pendulum in which the body vaults over the stiff limb with each gait. This is quite a mouthful. However, we know walking as standing upright and moving your legs one after another in a forward motion as humans do.

When next you are walking in a street, observe some walks. I also suggest that while watching others, also become aware of your own walk. Some people walk shuffling there feet, they are unsure of whether to walk or not. Some walk with short steps in quick succession as if the ground will disappear under them; some people walk purposely as if the journey has a purpose at the end; some people walk with a swagger telling us that they are in charge of the point they are at and where they are going. Some of us walk in a falter, Some of us have confused walking styles when in high healed or small pinching shoes; some of us walks can be described as floundering, lumbering, a lurch, prowl, ramble, stroll, stealth, or a strut.

Walking with a swagger
A swagger type of walk is one with a gait in their step saying non verbally to all that I am here, I am good and the world is good. Follow me and enjoy life as me. They proclaim that they are at the pinnacle of good life. An example of a man whose Swagger bellied his inner strength shows the impact a walk can reflect in one’s life. I once worked with Cooperative bank as the Human Resource Manager. The bank was the apex of the cooperative movement and therefore a prestigious place to work. I served with a gentleman who was the head of marketing at the time of great transformation of this bank. This was mid 1990’s, when the bank started a modernization project to commercialize its operations and compete in the competitive arena of banking.

This head of department we shall refer to him as Mr. X, had grown in the bank rising through the ranks through sheer hard work and force of his charisma. This fellow came from a small community and lacked sponsors as we know them today – tribal sponsors. His academic qualifications were not so outstanding. One key characteristic of this man was that he WALKED WITH A SWAGGER. His walk could be defined as extremely confident. Head held high, and the backside proudly punctuated. He projected great self respect. He talked as if he was the epitome of success.

One day, I was standing with the Chief Executive Officer of the bank and Mr. X came by a training programme on change management. After a short chat, our Mr. X walked on his business proudly sauntering along with trademark Swagger. What the CEO said next astonished me. His words- THIS FELLOW HOLDS LITTLE EDUCATION BUT HE WALKS LIKE A KING and a SWAGGER AND ALL WHO WORK WITH AND FOR HIM DO HIS BIDDING and the Board of Directors respect him. How does he manage to do that with his limited academic accomplishments?

He said this with a mixture of owe, respect and envy. As a Managing Director, I would never have imagined that he would envy the extreme confidence of Mr. X.
To walk with this level of confidence and swagger, Mr. X must have achieved the following
– internal self love and believe in his inherent qualities
– Great internal strength and motivation
– Self marketing and self worth
– Mastered non verbal communication in self promotion
– These internal qualities Exuded external confidence that was unparalleled.

The way you walk can tell what kind of personality you are. Confidence showsin the your walk, holding your head highwhether things are working for you or not. It matters when your walk is one of the following: whether you take long or short strides, quick steps or slow ones, walking with purpose or in tired manner, walking with gait or shuffling feet, all these reflect on your state of mind and personality.

A story of someone’s walk – one day, as I reported to work in the morning, as I approached the main entrance lobby at the ground floor, I saw a gentleman walking ahead of me towards the lifts. His walk was eye catching. He walked with a gait and swing of his hips and slight lift of his heals. He was literally bouncing off the floor. As I watched, I hastened my feet to catch up with him. I caught up with him just before the lift closed. I then discovered that the staff worked in the same floor I worked and when I asked him how he felt, he told me he could not wait to finish a project he was doing which was very challenging. It then occurred to me that Mr. had an internal clock that motivated him and manifested itself in a very confident air about himself.

You are the author of your image. Grow it from within and the sky will be your limit. It is not only the formal education that will lead to you to promotions and success. Take your education, and develop streetwise innate confidence that will get you places. There are many writings on walking with confidence. GET YOURSELF A SWAGGER? We suggest that you study and develop your own confident image and the world will come to you.

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